Currently studying the history of nuclear research involving beagles across the United States between 1950 and 1980 with a focus on interspecies study of aging and longevity, experimental memory, the ethics of animal experimentation, and human-animal similarity. The first article from this project is currently under review.


In the process of expanding my thesis research, which looked at the role of pigs in American biomedicine in the twenty-first century, to take into account the global movement of porcine bodies and substances, particularly transcontinental genetic trading and increasing usage of hogs for industrial cloning in China. An article about the emergence of scientific pigs is currently under review.


Researching the history of metformin, a diabetes drug called the “aspirin of the 21st century,”  looking both at the ambling history of its transnational development and also at current research that suggests a potential role for metformin to extend longevity. Initial results from this study will be presented at the 2018 History of Medicine in Southeast Asia International Conference.

Endangered Data

Currently studying the ways individuals, collectives, and institutions attempt to save and maintain scientific data, records, or other information at risk of being lost or destroyed. This project is ongoing, please reach out to me (via the contact page) if you are an actor attempting to preserve potentially endangered data.

Heart Surgery

Currently working with David Jones to gather details on the spread of various heart surgery and transplant techniques across the globe during the twentieth century.